Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dehumanizing Men and Empowering Women?

I'm interested in the degree to which spin radically changes perspectives of reality. It is common to claim that things like pornography objectify women, making them an object of male interests.

But what of an opposite view? Does not the sex industry depict men, inherently, as mindless animals interested only in bestial pursuits? And further, doesn't that depiction, in some way, place women as superior to men?

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  1. It should be obvious, I think it was Lydia Lunch who pointed out how absurd porn makes men seem.

    The issue is more nuanced than most people want to deal with within narrow ideological blinders. Much of what the "sex industry" produces does degrades both men and women, at different times, in different ways. Both men and women are pictured in bestial ways, Sometimes this is crass, sometimes this is erotic, sometimes it manages to be both crass and erotic. Sometimes women are like goddesses sought by stupid bestial men, often times men are pictured as superior "doing" and "giving it to" women as inferiors.

    Porn is a lot more nuanced than most people want to deal with, it says a lot about our insecurities, fears, and desires. It objectifies women and men both, and shows a narrow one dimensional view of male desire, and female receptivity to that desire.

    Some of it also manages to be very arousing to both men and women. It pushed buttons, naughty buttons.