Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Noam Chomsky on Pornography

Leading intellectual Noam Chomsky did an interview with Hustler magazine. He says he wasn't aware of the content of the magazine and he doesn't approve of porn. He talks about it in this video.


  1. Not aware of the content of the magazine? Is he too busy thinking that he doesn't read? Flynt/Hustler has been part of several key cases and a movie made about him.

    If you said it was with some other porn mag, I may have bought the story. Makes me question those who consider Chomsky an "intellectual"

  2. Actually, Chomsky reads newspapers from all over the world everyday as well as responding to emails from people all over the world. I doubt he spends time reading porn magazines and watching TV. Then again I doubt most intellectuals spend much time trying to keep up with pop culture.

    Anyone who questions whether or not Chomsky is an "intellectual" must not have a good understanding of what an intellectual is.

    According the Guardian, "he has become one of the 10 most quoted sources in the humanities - along with Shakespeare and the Bible". And according to the New York Times Chomsky is, "Arguably the most important intellectual alive."

    As he said, he was told of other people that had been interviewed by the magazine and thought it must be credible. Not many porn magazines land the kind of interviews that Playboy and Hustler do.